G. van Beek & Zn. Calves

A good calf in a good stable, cared for by a good calf farmer. That combination is necessary for a good result. As manufacturer of calf stable equipment and concrete elements we are experienced in building good stables. But we do more. We also deliver good calves to a selection of companies and we accompany the calf farmers in question. That’s the power of G. van Beek & Zn. Kalveren B.V.

The calf trade will never be the spearhead of our group of enterprises. But we also don’t want to miss this calf trade. We can’t be closer to the market (we have not taken into account our own test stable Beekzicht). Every day, we walk through the stables with the calf farmers, we advise them about feeding, caring and animal health, we see with our own eyes the result of choices we made. That’s the best way to keep the knowledge of the calf sector at a high level within our group of enterprises.

From newborn calf to meat

We buy newborn calves for the contracted calf farmers. In addition, we provide all milk powder and roughage, in cooperation with producers. Our experts visit the calf farmers regularly. Together we aim for a good result, every round again. We sell the meat of our calf farmers to slaughterhouses. Some restaurants in the neighbourhood even offer “calf veal from the stables of G. van Beek & Zn.”. That’s clear…


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